Are you competing or
just complying?

Massive deficits, service streamlining, ‘one-stop’, demands for outcomes, accountability and transparency, down-sizing, right-sizing, ‘efficiencies’, innovation, ‘more with less’… It could be argued that there has never been a more competitive time for your program dollars. What is your plan?


Outcomes Measured,
Outcomes Managed

You do great work – now prove it. Map your outcomes… then measure, analyze, and continuously improve against them.


Service Excellence

Achieving outcomes requires clients to engage, retain and ACT within your program or service. How might you be getting in your own way?


Right People, Right Place,
doing the Right Things

‘Outcome-based’ funding demands greater accountability of your staff, which in turn requires engaged, entrepreneurial staff that bring their energy, innovations and flexibility to the job.


Tell your performance story

Funding decisions are often influenced in the public and political arena. So… who knows about the outcomes you are achieving?

SFCC Richard image June 2017

Announcing the Summer Webinar lineup!

Summer 2017 Webinars & eWorkshops 1. Solution Focused Career Counselling (SFCC) 2. Understanding and growing your YJC – An Intensive with Sarah Delicate 3. Professional Case Note Writing and Documentation 4. New eWorkshop! Convert Your Workshops to eLearning Webinars begin July 2017 – Register Now! Can’t make the dates? Don’t worry, the recordings and materials will be available at your […]

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YJC Catelogue

Announcing 2017 EO Workshops and Winter Webinars

Welcome to 2017! The last quarter of the fiscal is a great time for organizations to reflect on the performance of the past, as well as to look towards the “preferred future” of the coming year. BBMD can help! Our professional development lineup read more

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Open Data EO training on-demand

In Fall of 2016, individual site ES performance data will be “Open”, as well as EO service provider budget allocations and expenditures. More open data will follow.

But what does “Open Data” even mean? Where is it going, and what can you expect?



Across the country and across all sectors, governments are using outcome-based performance measurement / management systems to ensure the delivery of real results for Canadians, careful stewardship of tax dollars (ROI), and effective, customer focused programming.  READ MORE…