About Sarah

Sarah Delicate brings a holistic approach to Outcome-Based Performance Measurement (PM).

It’s not as simple as figuring out what to measure and how to measure it. While this is foundational, your data is useless if it does not inform a culture of continuous improvement.Sarah Delicate

Actually using your performance data to inform laser-focused innovations, evidence-based course corrections, and customer service excellence… now that will get you somewhere! However, turning data into action is only possible if you have the right People on board.

Engaged, entrepreneurial staff that bring their energy, ideas and ongoing passion to the job. Without these people, your Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) and business intelligence is going nowhere. With them, you rise to the top – a great position to be in when you are competing fiercely for diminishing program dollars.

How can you be sure that those who fund your programs (and beyond) know about your excellence? It is not just submitting your usual compliance reports. You’ve got to tell the RIGHT PEOPLE your performance story, in the right way. Political acuity is your guide.

Sarah Delicate is a founding partner of Bell Brown Molnar and Delicate Inc. (BBMD), a consulting firm based in Ottawa Canada. As a consultant, coach, trainer and speaker, Sarah Delicate has worked with 1000’s of people across 100’s of organizations, helping programs thrive in tough competitive environments. Whether you are internal to government or a non-profit/not-for-profit, Sarah’s high energy style will convince you that this outcome-based stuff not just doable, but critical.